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Cat Miglionico

  • Easy Vegetable Beef Soup
    Chef: Cat Miglionico
    Vegetable Beef Soup cooks in a crockpot super easy to make and very tasty.

  • Greek Lasagne
    Chef: Cat Miglionico
    Greek Lasagne easy to make however uses a lot of pans. You can prepare it ahead of time.

catmig 's Profile

Cat Miglionico

Influences: My Mother in law

Location: Carbondale KS

Favorite Piece of Cooking Equipment: Porcelin Pot

Favorite Recipes: Lasagne Deer Chili Deer Enchiladas Chicken Enchiladas Ziti Spaghetti Sauce Cheese Cake Belgin Waffles Spatzel Flank Steak

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