We Eatt

Rights - Ours and Yours

Our Rights that We have Reserved

We reserve to right to make money. We will do this by selling ads on content that users provide.

We reserve the right to hire a lawyer to review our terms (they'll most likely change them). This will not be the end of the world, and when this happens, we'll email you and let you know.

We reserve the right to keep the site clean from objectionable and questionable content. Users, and us as administrators, can flag content as objectionable, and we have the right to remove any content that we find questionable and/or objectionable, in our sole opinion.

Rights that our yours that we can't reserve

You have the right to all content that you upload. That is, of course, provided that you do have that right.

If a copyright holder claims you have violated their rights, they should follow our terms of use and submit a DMCA file. Our terms of use outline this process.

Rights that belong to other organizations

Videos that are uploaded are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo they have rights to their videos and we can't control that.