We Eatt

API Documentation

We Eatt API

The We Eatt API is a REST based API that aims to be platform agnostic. Rates are limited to 10,000 requests in a 24 hour period of time. We want you to have fun and enjoy We Eatt!

Getting Started

To use the We Eatt API, you must:

  1. Agree to the We Eatt API Terms of Use
  2. Request an API Token from http://api.weeatt.com

Technical Requirements

All Calls are in JSON format, and require the following HTTP Headers:

  1. "ACCEPT" : "application/json"
  2. "CONTENT-TYPE" : "application/json"
  3. "x-api-key" : "YOURAPIKEY"

To make a recipe call, you will need to log a user in to get their auth token. We require this since users can have private recipes and protected recipes -- so we need to know who a user is to personalize their recipe results.