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Jennifer Swisher

  • Bean Dip
    Chef: Jennifer Swisher
    Yummy bean dip that we put on the taco bake or eat with Frito's.

  • German Potato Salad
    Chef: Jennifer Swisher
    This is an awesome recipe I used in high school for German class food days. We once had a German foreign exchange student comment that it tasted just like his mom's potato salad.

  • Papa Worcester's Enchiladas
    Chef: Jennifer Swisher
    My friend's dad makes this recipe every time I come over. It's quick, easy and tastes fantastic!

  • Taco Bake
    Chef: Jennifer Swisher
    One of my favorite recipes to make. It's really fast and easy.

JenSwish 's Profile

Jennifer Swisher

Influences: My Mom, Local Flavors

Location: St. Charles, MO

Favorite Piece of Cooking Equipment: The slap chop - my eyes are super sensitive and I use A LOT of onions :/

Favorite Recipes: Papa Worcester's Enchiladas, German Potato Salad

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