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Chicken Spaghetti

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Chicken Spaghetti


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  • 1 chicken
  • 1/2 c. oil
  • 1/2 flour (optional)
  • 1 can tomatoes or Rotel tomatoes/peppers
  • 1 c. chopped onion
  • 1 c. chopped bell pepper
  • 2 pods garlic
  • 1 can cream of mushroon soup
  • 1 c. grated American cheese
  • 2 (10oz) packages spaghetti
  • 1 can chicken broth
  • 1 small jar Pimentos (optional)
  • fresh mushrooms (optional)


Boil chicken, debone. Save broth. In oil saute onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic. Add tomatoes, mushroom soup and cheese. Simmer until cheese is melted. Add flour if sauce needs thickening or chicken broth if too thick.

Cook spaghetti in remaining broth, adding broth or water if necessary. Drain. Combine with sauce mixture and chicken. Toss to coat spaghetti. Put all ingredients into a casserole dish that has been sprayed with Pam. Top with more cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted. Add pimentos for more color if desired.

Recipe is courtesy of: Elnora Kirkpatrick





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Bonnie Kirkpatrick

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