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Recipes Tagged with casserole

Easy Baked Chicken Served over a bed of Rice and a side Salad you can have a quick, easy and delicious meal.
Chef: Jane Linton

Easy "Baked" Ziti What makes this recipe so easy is that it isn't really baked!
Chef: Amy D'Anthony

Chip Beef Casserole Serious comfort food....disgustingly unheathly but soooo yummy.
Chef: Jen Kahler

Tuna Noodle Casserole Creamy, cheese and oh so good.
Chef: Debra Underwood

Cheesy Puff Custardy and cheesy, like fondue that you eat with a spork!
Chef: Louise Norbury

Meatball Casserole Meatball Casserole
Chef: Diane and Courtney

Cream of Asain Cream of mushroom soup casserole with a toasted sesame sauce twist.
Chef: Berthlaherm

Hash Brown Potato Casserole Cheesy potato dish, great with barbeque
Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Sausage Egg Casserole Great for a group at breakfast or brunch
Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Chicken Spaghetti Great for a big group
Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Cranberry-Apple Casserole Very versatile recipe...Can be used as a side dish or as a dessert... I use it as a side with pork dishes... Great warmed with a dollop of whipped cream added (or Ice Cream)!
Chef: Jane Linton

Baloon Pork Great for people who are concerned about their diet. Very low in saturated fat.
Chef: Big Spoon

Tamale Pie Beef and Beans on the bottom, cornbread on top -- @awo tasted and said, "I could eat this every week". Consider yourself warned!
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Swiss Chicken Casserole by Angie Easy and delicious chicken casserole.
Chef: Diane and Courtney