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Recipes Tagged with Sandwich

Pulled Pork Bar-B-Q This is a good sweet Bar-B-Q and not the kind that is real vinegarie.
Chef: Debra Underwood

Grilled Vegetable and Mozzarella Panini Good lunch!
Chef: Nicole Kelly

Egg Salad Egg Salad
Chef: eleni gajewski

Chris's Chicken Salad Delicious chicken salad for lunch or snack
Chef: Chris Clackson

Sloppy Joes Not fancy but what a yummy sandwich meal!
Chef: Marilyn Inman

Bacon-Avocado Cheddar Melts These open-face gourmet sandwiches serve two in 30 minutes and feature the fresh, delicious taste of avocado and tomato.
Chef: boylefamily