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Easy to use

It's drop dead simple to use -- it's passed several Mom tests with flying colors. Here are some of the We Eatt recently popular recipes (Explore more recipes):

Friends and Family

  • Ask your mother-in-law for her secret chocolate pecan pie -- I did!
  • Get your friends to add that spinach and artichoke dip (we did that too!)


Keep your recipes private if you want -- you don't have to ever share them out, but you can email it when you want!

Lists for menus and planning

  • Organize that party that you're planning
  • See other chef's lists and comment
  • Plain your week's meals

Videos are the Best

  • We like to say that you can embrace your inner Paula Dean -- do exactly that!
  • We've seen fully produced episodes with music and titles, and we've seen videos that show off the finished product... either way, videos are the best way to see what a dish look like.