We Eatt

  • Pig Lickin’ Cake
    Chef: Vicky Dunn
    what can I say?

  • Stained Glass Cookies
    Chef: Audrey Barker
    Go nuts on over greasing your pans and wax paper and they'll turn out gorgeous!

  • Kirstie's Chocolate chip cookies
    Chef: Kirsten Pence
    a staple at our house

  • Pudding
    Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick
    Old-fashioned pudding from my 98 year old Aunt!

  • Chocolate Sheet Cake
    Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick
    Fudgey chocolate cake

  • Pudding Cookies
    Chef: Audrey Barker
    The best best cookies ever

  • Kourambiethes (Greek Butter Cookies)
    Chef: cleanfreshcuisine
    Kourambiethes, or Greek butter cookies, are an easy, delicious and traditional Greek pastry; a family favorite!

  • Caramel Pecan Cakes
    Chef: Nicole Kelly
    These individual cakes, from Lantern pastry chef Monica Segovia-Welsh, are moist, tender, and not remotely fussy. If you don’t want to fool with the suggested accompaniments, serve the cakes with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream instead. Yield:

  • Elizabeth Garrett's Bread pudding
    Chef: Jesse Wolgamott
    Award winning bread pudding that tied for first place in the 2008 Thanksgiving Side Off and Dessert Competition.

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie
    Chef: Audrey Barker
    Kids favorite dessert. You can replace the preserves with banana slices if you're the peanut butter banana type.

  • Pioneer Woman's Dump Cake
    Chef: Amanda Wolgamott
    Fantastic Simple Dessert

  • Chocolate Pecan Pie
    Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick
    Traditional pecan pie with added goodness - CHOCOLATE!

  • Amy's Favorite
    Chef: Vicky Dunn

  • Holy Cow Cake
    Chef: Vicky Dunn
    This is so delicious.

  • Pralines
    Chef: Nicole Powell
    Delicious praline candy made in minutes!!

  • Laura's Supreme
    Chef: Debra Underwood
    My family loves this and I make it often when we are getting company and people rave about it. Store in the refrigerator and serve cold.

  • Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies
    Chef: Brandon Iain
    Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies. Great with ice cold milk. They tend to come out a bit dry, which is what the vegetable oil is there to prevent - use your judgment if you think you need more.

  • Pioneer Woman's Appling Dumplings
    Chef: Amanda Wolgamott
    Fantastic Simple Dessert

  • Cowboy Cookies
    Chef: Amanda Wolgamott
    There's a little of everything in this cookie--best when warm and huge!

  • Saffron Muhallabiya
    Chef: Foster Clark
    Saffron Muhallabiya Dessert

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