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Recipes Tagged with Chili

Crockpot Chili quick and easy chili...and it's delicious!
Chef: Corin Richards

Grandpa's formerly secret chili recipe Recipe in the family for years. I've had a lot of good chili - but this is my fave!
Chef: Erin Cairy

Classic Chili Perfect for a fall day!
Chef: Jen Kahler

delicious chili Sooo spicy! The avo and sour cream cool off your mouth just enough for the next bite!
Chef: Jessica Essen

White Chicken Chili Super easy and yummy!
Chef: Jen Kahler

Mexican Chili Mexican version of classic chili
Chef: Jen Kahler

Amy's Taco Soup This soup definitely gets better, the longer it sits. A nice change from homemade chili. I encourage everyone to try hominy in this recipe. It gives it a nice "tortilla chip" flavor.
Chef: Amy D'Anthony

6 Bean 5 Alarm Chili Fast & easy chili. Very satisfying. Great for lunch or light dinner!
Chef: Louise Norbury

3 Meat & Black Bean Chili (aka, the 5lb chili) This is my famous chili. It's had many variations over the years, but this is the one EVERYONE asks me to make for them. This can also be made in a vegetarian style, but I'm a meat lover, so this recipe has meat.
Chef: CrystalLTaylor

Red Chili Beef Burritos Red chili beef stew rolled into a fresh flour torilla. An Arizona favorite.
Chef: aztailgatechef