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Louise Norbury

  • 6 Bean 5 Alarm Chili
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    Fast & easy chili. Very satisfying. Great for lunch or light dinner!

  • Cheesy Puff
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    Custardy and cheesy, like fondue that you eat with a spork!

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    All the goodness of the original cookie with less fuss. Travels well great for lunches and snacks.

  • Corn Bread
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    Great moist cornbread, not too sweet, goes well with chili for lunch or dinner or with preserves for breakfast!

  • Pumpkin Bars
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    A very easy, moist cheat...if it comes out of your oven it's homemade!

  • Thumbles
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    Delicious little mouthfuls, great with tea or coffee.

  • Wheezie's Wings
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    Better than restaurant wings! Healthier too since they are not deep fried. You can use regular flour but I find it burns more and doesn't crisp as much. I usually buy whole wings and cut them myself. They are way cheaper and I like the crunchy little ends

lnorbury 's Profile

Louise Norbury

Influences: Retro Comfort Food, Asian, Indian

Location: 100 Mile House, BC

Favorite Piece of Cooking Equipment: KitchenAid Mixer

Favorite Recipes: Yorkshire Pudding, Five Bean Five Alarm, Key Lime Chicken, Mango Cheesecake, Asian Summer Steak Salad, Mango Chicken Salad, Jam Pudding, Rhubarb Crisp, Apple Pan Dowdy,

What else? Don't expect low cal, low carb , low fat, low sodium or low anything. I'd rather eat a smaller serving of "full whatever" than sacrifice taste. I love old fashioned from scratch recipes but I like modern techniques and tricks too.