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Recipes Tagged with Beans

Baloon Pork Great for people who are concerned about their diet. Very low in saturated fat.
Chef: Big Spoon

6 Bean 5 Alarm Chili Fast & easy chili. Very satisfying. Great for lunch or light dinner!
Chef: Louise Norbury

Tamale Pie Beef and Beans on the bottom, cornbread on top -- @awo tasted and said, "I could eat this every week". Consider yourself warned!
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Quick Lentils & Sausage Soup A hearty, comforting dish ready in 30 minutes! For convenience, I use frozen, pre-cut veggies. Add some hot, crusty bread, and you've got a great weeknight meal. Not to mention that it is extremely economical.
Chef: Amy D'Anthony

Cuban Black Beans and Rice Sophrito, Bacon, Rice and Black Beans come together here ... This is a sunday dinner (takes planning and a bunch of time to cook). worth it!
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott