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Jim Wolgamott

  • Korean Beef Stir Fry
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    When we lived in Japan, we all liked to go out and eat Korean BBQ. This is a stir-fry recipe with much the same taste.

  • Mama's Baked Beans
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    A spicy variation of an old family recipe.

  • Nancy's Holiday Dressing
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    50% Cornbread and 50% Bread Mixture. A nice spicy taste is acheived by making the turkey stock by boiling the giblets in a large sauce pan containing jalepenos before adding the resulting stock to the dressing.

  • Oven Baked Pancake
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    A Family Favorite. Big enough for two, and goes well with Sunday morning paper and Coffee.

  • Pork Tenderloin with Hoisin/Bourbon Sauce
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    Wonderful way to grill a port tenderloin. Very easy to prepare. The hoisin/bourbon sauce compliments, and does not overwhelm the pork.

  • Super Queso
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    Ordinary Velveeta and Rotel, but with some interesting additions. A family favorite for football games on TV.

  • Woogie's Meatloaf
    Chef: Jim Wolgamott
    Another version of meatloaf, but one with sugar and spice dueling for mastery in your mouth. Not for the faint of heart.

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Jim Wolgamott

Influences: From Meat & Potatoes Farm-Style (Thanks Mom), to Arizona/Sonora Mexican, and Gulf Coast Cajun

Location: Houston is Home Base, but I work and live extensively internationally too.

Favorite Piece of Cooking Equipment: Summer - Outside BBQ (saves on A/C costs) and Winter - Oven (Saves on Heating Costs) Hey I'm an Engineer. I can't help it.

Favorite Recipes: Most Holiday Cooking ... Thank Goodness it's only twice a year. Any grilled quality meat or fish on the BBQ. Baked Potato Soup from Houston's. Goode Company BBQ Sauce (how does he do it?) I can't come close, even with the recipe in hand.

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