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salad a salad
Chef: aviv sher

raw salad This recipe is one my friend gave me. It's healthy and good!
Chef: atobi sumenasai

Layered salad with roasted chicken and homemade ranch dressing Very pretty salad and great for entertaining
Chef: Angie Secor

Fiesta Chicken Salad Layered salad with a Mexican twist
Chef: Jen Kahler

Inspiration Salad My friend Tracy created this and I named it Inspiration Salad, because it is an inspiration! It is great to mix with mac and cheese, eat alone, put in a wrap.. and is an all around good time. yum!
Chef: Betsy Crouch

Parsley Spread A multiple use salad for dips, spreads, adding to soups or other dishes.
Chef: binyamintsadik

Bok Choy Salad Surprisingly good salad. I've used this several times for Bridal or Baby Showers.
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

Tortellini Salad Good salad for baby and wedding showers or other larger gatherings.
Chef: Jen Kahler