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Recipes Tagged with Soup

Black Bean Soup I serve this over rice with a salad. It is healthy and filling.
Chef: Jane Linton

Gazpacho Andaluz Authentic Gazpacho Andaluz
Chef: Lainie Vande Woude

Turkey Burger soup Easy! Good leftovers!
Chef: Erin Cairy

Classic Chili Perfect for a fall day!
Chef: Jen Kahler

Creamy Potato & Kale Soup Creamy potato & kale soup
Chef: Jbirch22

Suzanne's Chicken Stew and Dumplings Chicken and Dumplings from scratch. Read through the recipe carefully before starting. It takes time, but is perfect for a Saturday or Sunday. Makes the house smell wonderful:)
Chef: ledesmafam

Butternut Squash and Bourbon Bisque Recipe Type: Soup, Vegetables
Chef: ChefC52

Spiced Pumpkin Soup A warm and hearty soup for those rainy days. from super nature:http://www.supernature.com.sg/recipes/recipe.php?what=2&r=109
Chef: newbie123

Almond Chicken Soup w/ Sweet Potato, Kale, and Ginger Warm, comforting, and healthy
Chef: eleni gajewski

Chicken Tortilla Soup Tried and true Tortilla Soup recipe. This started as a recipe out of Southern Living, but so many changes to that original recipe have been made that I'm not even sure what that recipe was anymore! Great for a cold day and even better for leftovers!
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

Harvest Soup This soup is the perfect example of a recipe that gets better over time. When it was told to me, I was told, "It's almost a crime to eat this on the first day".
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Easy Taco Soup Easy Taco Soup recipe that can be made super healthy
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

Slow Beef Stew Beef Stew -- just the thought brings up memories of Winter and beefy goodness.
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Debbie's Special Chili This chili is not real thick, but full of flavor. Maybe not as much kick as some would like, so you might need to add to it if that is how you like your chili.
Chef: Debra Underwood

Butternut Squash Soup Not for everyone, but easy enough to at least try...
Chef: Audrey Barker

Amy's Taco Soup This soup definitely gets better, the longer it sits. A nice change from homemade chili. I encourage everyone to try hominy in this recipe. It gives it a nice "tortilla chip" flavor.
Chef: Amy D'Anthony

Split Pea Soup Easy and delicious, despite the minimal ingredients. Doesn't get any better than that!
Chef: eleni gajewski

Spinach and Oyster Chowder Made by excellent chef Colin Bussey with fresh Loch Fyne Mussels available for home delivery. http://www.lochfyne.com/Shop
Chef: Loch Fyne

Lentil and Kale Soup Perfect for a snowy day!
Chef: OperationHealthyEating

Stuffed Pepper Soup with Quinoa A hearty soup! I used half ground turkey and half ground beef, but all of one or the other could be used as well.
Chef: OperationHealthyEating