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Recipes Tagged with Pork

Baloon Pork Great for people who are concerned about their diet. Very low in saturated fat.
Chef: Big Spoon

Hawaiian Pork Easy way to get in a few fruits and veggies into dinner!
Chef: Jen Kahler

BBBBQ Pork Tacos Now, my wife is more a marg type of girl than a beer girl. So I had to sneak this secret ingredient in by hiding the beer in a slow cooker OF COURSE. The best part? She loved these tacos. The extra B is for beer. The other extra B is a typo.
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Pork Tenderloin Marinade or Sauce I asked my aunt for some of her favorite recipes so that they don't get forgotten over time and this is one of them!
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

Pork Tenderloin with Hoisin/Bourbon Sauce Wonderful way to grill a port tenderloin. Very easy to prepare. The hoisin/bourbon sauce compliments, and does not overwhelm the pork.
Chef: Jim Wolgamott

Mustard Crusted Pork Chops We were taught this recipe at a Sur La Table cooking class; we paired it with a truffled mac and cheese and a mile high chocolate cake. Very good times!
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Pork Chops with Gravy This will give you some nice tender pork chops along with some gravy and in the last 45 minutes of cooking time I stack my pork chops to one side of the crock pot and add some brown rice to the gravy on the other side.
Chef: Debra Underwood

Three way Pork Roast Shortly after meeting my new husband, I discovered he wasn't a big fan of leftovers. I've always cooked big meals and had to find ways to disguise those pesky leftovers so he would eat them. This trio has gotten loads of praise since I started making it
Chef: Stephanie Cancilla

3 Meat & Black Bean Chili (aka, the 5lb chili) This is my famous chili. It's had many variations over the years, but this is the one EVERYONE asks me to make for them. This can also be made in a vegetarian style, but I'm a meat lover, so this recipe has meat.
Chef: CrystalLTaylor