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  • Cream of Potato Soup Bread
    Chef: cleanfreshcuisine
    Cream of Potato Soup Bread is a uniquely delicious yeast bread! Simple, yet moist and scrumptious with only 7 ingredients!

  • Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Pumpkin Spread
    Chef: Angie Secor
    I don't bake, which is why I used the Jiffy mix. If I can get this to turn out well, anyone can. The spread is an extra boost of pumpkin.

  • Cranberry Orange Coconut Flour Bread
    Chef: libbylouer
    Everything I’d read about coconut floor said there was no formula for using it. This is what I’ve developed so far, and seems to work well for sweet breads.

  • Blueberry Spoon Bread
    Chef: cleanfreshcuisine
    Good old southern style spoon bread with a twist! Moist, delicious and loaded with blueberries; this can be a side dish, a dessert or breakfast!

  • Beignets
    Chef: Jesse Wolgamott
    Beignets are the secret of life -- this french dougnut is a must have to any trip to New Orleans. It's worth the work!

  • Low Fat biscuits
    Chef: Anthony Clark
    This is a low fat biscuit that can also double as naan bread depending on how you shape it. Made with yogurt you can even make a type of scone with different favor used... add blueberries or raisins.

  • Vörtlimpa
    Chef: Steven Leyden Cochrane
    A Swedish rye bread seasoned with orange zest, cumin, caraway, and fennel.

  • Corn Bread
    Chef: Louise Norbury
    Great moist cornbread, not too sweet, goes well with chili for lunch or dinner or with preserves for breakfast!

  • Frozen Biscuits
    Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick
    Great to have on hand.

  • Banana Nut Bread
    Chef: Jen Kahler
    My mom's banana bread....so yummy!!

  • Dill Bread
    Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick
    Great with a ham dinner.

  • Crockpot Apple Butter
    Chef: Corin Richards
    Spread it on bread!

  • Ginger bread
    Chef: Vicky Dunn

  • Soft Gingerbread
    Chef: Vicky Dunn
    yummy~You can also pat the dough into cake pans and bake like a cake.

  • Oatmeal Honey Cinnamon Quick Bread
    Chef: cleanfreshcuisine
    Oatmeal Honey Cinnamon Quick is easy and delicious!

    Chef: Dianne Bauer
    This is the best zucchini bread I have ever tasted. Kahona

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