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Recipes Tagged with Chicken

Chicken Spaghetti Great for a big group
Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Chicken Enchiladas different take on enchiladas
Chef: Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Chicken Potato Casserole A hearty dish. Serve with a green salad and you have a complete meal.... The kids love it!
Chef: Jane Linton

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole A wonderful Paula Deen recipe
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

Thai Basil Chicken Simple Thai Basil Chicken
Chef: Jesse NO

Oven Roasted Chicken and Potatoes Fairly healthy, great meal
Chef: Jen Kahler

Honey Soy chicken Good marinaded chicken. Very easy!
Chef: Erin Cairy

El Dorado Chicken Tastes much better than the picture looks!! Really good, healthy and easy!
Chef: Jen Kahler

Chicken Chiles Rellenos A twist on Chiles Rellenos using stuffed chicken rather than peppers
Chef: Jen Kahler

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Sooooo good....
Chef: Jen Kahler

Spicy Grilled Chicken/Dipping Sauce Mix of flavors to perk up chicken on the grill...and a dipping sauce to compliment. All ingredients amounts are approximate! I just started mixing stuff together and it turned out good enough for hubby to say, "you need to write this down."
Chef: Jen Kahler

Suzanne's Chicken Stew and Dumplings Chicken and Dumplings from scratch. Read through the recipe carefully before starting. It takes time, but is perfect for a Saturday or Sunday. Makes the house smell wonderful:)
Chef: ledesmafam

Baked Chicken Wings Baked Chicken Wings for 4 servings.
Chef: ChefC52

Chicken Tortilla Soup Tried and true Tortilla Soup recipe. This started as a recipe out of Southern Living, but so many changes to that original recipe have been made that I'm not even sure what that recipe was anymore! Great for a cold day and even better for leftovers!
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

King Ranch Casserole The easiest recipe I know!
Chef: Amanda Wolgamott

Homemade Easy Chicken Nachos Homemade and healthy, these nachos have just enough flavor to satisfy your cravings, but like homesicktexan.blogspot.com said, "with just enough toppings to give it flavor and a bit of heft but not enough to make it saggy or soggy.".
Chef: Jesse Wolgamott

Slow Cooker Taco Salsa Chicken Easy chicken dish with a little kick!@
Chef: Stephanie Hablinski

Easy Baked Chicken Served over a bed of Rice and a side Salad you can have a quick, easy and delicious meal.
Chef: Jane Linton

Chicken Pooofs Puffed Chicken Alouette Recipe
Chef: Nicole Kelly

Chicken in Mushroom Orzo Very earthy flavors....
Chef: Jen Kahler

Wheezie's Wings Better than restaurant wings! Healthier too since they are not deep fried. You can use regular flour but I find it burns more and doesn't crisp as much. I usually buy whole wings and cut them myself. They are way cheaper and I like the crunchy little ends
Chef: Louise Norbury

Grilled Chicken and Salsa Healthy and filling chicken dish Serves 4
Chef: Chris Clackson

Swiss Chicken Casserole by Angie Easy and delicious chicken casserole.
Chef: Diane and Courtney

Chicken Stuffing Crock-pot meal Delicious crock-pot meal that can be served on buns or garlic bread.
Chef: Diane and Courtney

Easy Chicken with Tomatoes and Spinach 35 minutes, 4 servings Serving Size: 1 Serving Calories230 ( Calories from Fat70), Total Fat8g (Saturated Fat2g, Trans Fat0g ), Cholesterol90mg Sodium270mg Total Carbohydrate3g (Dietary Fiber1g Sugars0g ), Protein33g
Chef: gould115

Copy Cat Chick-fil-A A healthier version of Chick-fil-A! :)
Chef: OperationHealthyEating